Words of Affirmation

Mark Twain once said “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” Verbal appreciation speaks powerfully to persons whose primary Love Language is “Words of Affirmation.” Simple statements, such as, “You look great in that suit,” or “You must be the best baker in the world! I love your oatmeal cookies,” are sometimes all a person needs to hear to feel loved.

Gifts that bear a special message will be appreciated by those who speak this love language. Many of the gifts below can be customized. If these don't suit your loved one, you will find other customizable gifts on the giftsforyounow site, the location of many of these gifts. When choosing personality gifts, use your own good taste, but remember: the gift isn't for you. It's for the other person. Selection of gifts by personality will mean the selections may not seem appealing to you--unless you share the same personality type.


Any Name (try favorite or beloved) Sports Glass Mug

Anybody Can Be...Dad Coffee Mug

A Mother Holds... Keepsake Heart Clock

Even Though I am Little Keepsake

Best Hands Down Coffee Mug

My Mother, My Friend Keepsake

A Good Spot To Bee In Sisters Personalized Apron

Best We Ever Saw Personalized Coffee Mug

How Do I Love Thee Heart Jewelry Box

Block Message Coffee Mug

Funky Message Sweatshirt: write something special


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