Type Nine: The Peacemaker, or Mediator
The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent

Nines are accepting, trusting, and stable. They are usually creative, optimistic, and supportive, but can also be too willing to go along with others to keep the peace. They want everything to go smoothly and be without conflict, but they can also tend to be complacent, simplifying problems and minimizing anything upsetting. They typically have problems with inertia and stubbornness. At their Best: indomitable and all-embracing, they are able to bring people together and heal conflicts.

Jewelry specially designed for Peacemakers

Gifts suitable for Peacemakers Peacemakers like to feel their lives are mellow, comfortable, peaceful, and on an even keel.

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